How To Get Pregnant With Twins

How to get pregnant with twins ?It is so tough to wish for something to happen sometimes. Some wishes are not controlled by us. But at least we can put some effort into making our dreams happen for us. Giving birth to twins is not something that is readily attainable. A couple who wishes to conceive twins can take some steps that may allow their dreams to happen. Nothing is impossible. Here are some ideas regarding how to get pregnant with twins.

Genetically, if you belong to families where there is a history of twins then there is a chance that you may conceive twins also. Studies found that if a family has a history of twins then the women of that particular family are more likely to conceive twins in future also.

How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Older aged woman of thirty five to forty are also more likely to get pregnant with twins. At that age a woman is more likely to release more than one egg. Their typical cycles are being disrupted and changed by perimenopause. It is an interesting fact that the likelihood for conceiving twins increases after the age of 40.

Race or ethnicity may sometimes rule over having the chance of conceiving twins. The Yoruba tribes of West Africa, for example, have one of the highest rate of twins in the world. Hispanic and Asian women have the lowest likelihood of conceiving twins. If you are of African American ethnicity then you have a higher potentiality of conceiving twins.

Obese woman with Body Mass Index or BMI over 30 are also more likely to get pregnant with twins but they also have higher risk pregnancies.

Having a proper and nutritious diet is important. Diet has a fundamental role in a healthy pregnancy, which could help you to maintain a pregnancy with twins. Some people believe that by eating dairy products woman can increase the chances of conceiving twins. One of the potential foods you can try is yams or sweet potatoes. The Yoruba tribes of West Africa, who have the highest incidence of twins, eat yams as their daily food. Yams are also a healthy and nutritious food for a female who wants to get pregnant with twins.

How To Get Pregnant Fast With Twins

You can take fertility medication like “CLOMID” which induces multiple eggs in ovulation. But there are some risks in taking fertility medications.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ARP) or In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an advanced treatment that may help you to conceive twins. This medical treatment may also increase the chances of Identical or monozygotic (MZ) twins but not necessarily Fraternal or dizygotic (DZ) twins. Most doctors will not recommend these treatments unless you are infertile and having problems conceiving.

Women who are breastfeeding, if they get pregnant again, are more likely to get pregnant with twins. The reason is a depletion of calcium in a breastfeeding woman’s system which can affect the egg during conception and ovulation.

Some recent studies have found that if you live in a polluted area you may have a better chance of conceiving twins.

However, it may not be as easy as you think to get pregnant with twins. You can try to conceive twins but ultimately it is difficult to manipulate nature.