How To Get Pregnant Quickly

Pregnancy with couple - caring (How to get pregnant quickly ?)Once a women decides to get pregnant it is often something that she wants right away; after all today women are used to “making things happen” at work and that characteristic can sometimes inadvertently seep into her personal life as well. We are so programmed to want everything now that we sometimes lose sight of the fact that nature cannot be hurried. We also must realize that there is always a chance it just won’t happen and that is often in the back of many minds when it doesn’t happen right away.

So When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?

Listed below are some factors, methods and products you can try to make your attempt more effective.

1. Ovulation: This is the number one factor as to in when pregnancy may occur. It is a tricky thing. There are always tricks and myths women use. For instance, it is a myth that you are more likely to get pregnant thirteen days after your period and such. That cannot be true all the time for every woman as every woman doesn’t ovulate at the same time. A woman can only ovulate one time per month but it can happen at variety of different times, it is even possible, but unlikely, to ovulate during what you would consider to be your period.

2. Body temperature: Typically a woman’s temperature will increase during the ovulation phase, however, it may or may not be noticeable. If you are going to use this method you need to plot a chart and take your temperature daily prior to ovulation; this is your biphasic temperature. Then take your temperature again after ovulation; this is the luteal phase. You are looking for a shift in basal temperature of around 0.4 degrees. You need to plot your temperature daily for a month or two in order to see a pattern. You must have this information to get pregnant quickly.

3. Ovulation predictor kits: These are the best way to do it all in one kit. It is much more accurate than just taking your temperature. It will actually tell you when ovulation is taking place rather than have you guessing.

Now, once you have a predictor kit; you have to be quite precise in when you have intercourse with your partner. It should typically be just before ovulation and just after as the sperm can take from three to seven days to travel up the fallopian tube to the egg and fertilize it. In order to predict the best time to get pregnant quickly it will take up to 30 days or more of using a predictor kit to figure out when just before ovulation occurs. For instance, if you see the first month that you ovulate thirteen days after your period begins which is average (just not for everyone) you know then and only then that you should have intercourse around the tenth day after your period and the sixteenth day after your period.

This is really the only factor you need to know to get pregnant quickly. There are many ways you can find via research that you can try but they ALL rely on this one factor. Without an egg you can’t get pregnant.