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Pregnancy Symptoms

While the most well-known symptom of pregnancy is a missed menstrual period there are also other symptoms of pregnancy that you may want to be aware of. It is also true that some women may not miss a menstrual period right away or they may just think their periods are being irregular. If you are trying to become pregnant or even if you are hoping that you are not pregnant, it is good to know some of the other symptoms of pregnancy. One of the common symptoms of pregnancy can actually be misleading as it may lead you to believe that you will be having a period soon is implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is often one of the very first symptoms in early pregnancy. Approximately 6 to 12 days following conception, the embryo implants itself ...
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Depressed pregnant woman

Depression During Pregnancy

Now you know how to get pregnant and while pregnancy can be one of the happiest and most joyful times in a woman’s life, depending upon the situation it can also be a time of great distress, confusion, sadness, fear and even depression. It is estimated that as many as 14-23% of all pregnant woman struggle with some of the symptoms of depression through their pregnancy. What makes this fact even more difficult is that a pregnant woman must be much more cautious in treating her depression so as not to harm the developing fetus. Depression is a relatively common mood disorder that affects as many as 1 in every 4 women at some point throughout their lives. Therefore it is not really surprising to learn that even pregnant woman suffer from ...
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Pregnancy Tips

Getting pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful baby is definitely one of the greatest joys of life. But there are those couples who have a hard time getting pregnant and there are also couples who have a hard time staying pregnant. And while there may be medical difficulties for these problems, barring that the advice for getting pregnant is very similar to the advice for staying pregnant. In order to get pregnant and stay pregnant it is important to take excellent care of yourself. Your body will be participating in one of the greatest yet most normal parts of life, the act of creating life. In order to give your unborn child the best possible chance you should make an effort to take great care of yourself both pre-conception and post-conception. Break ...
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What To Expect During Pregnancy

No two pregnancies are alike. They can vary greatly from woman to woman and even with subsequent pregnancies with the same woman. Just as every little baby is unique and special just for being themselves so it is the same with every pregnancy. Every pregnancy will be different. Early Signs Of Pregnancy The majority of women will experience some of the early signs of pregnancy which will prompt them to take a pregnancy test. Probably the widely recognized early symptom of pregnancy is missing a period, however, not every woman will miss their periods. There are actually some women who experience periodic bleeding throughout their pregnancy. Other early signs can be fatigue, nausea or morning sickness and breast changes. Home pregnancy ...
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How To Use A Pregnancy Test

It can be an exciting and emotional time when you find out you are pregnant. The days before can be filled with anxiety, hopefulness and anticipation. This not only affects your health but being pregnant will affect your whole life. There was a time not so long ago that you had to wait for 2 weeks after your missed period and then visit the doctor who may or may not have been able to confirm your pregnancy. Sometimes you had to wait even longer and then take another test. Click here to see the Top Rated Pregnancy Tests When To Take A Pregnancy Test But these days things are different. There are tests available right at your local drugstore that can indicate pregnancy as early as the first day of your missed period, and yes there is a online ...
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